Four Hours in Dusseldorf

Four Hours in DUS

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Author: Tracy-Lee Bradbury
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You’ve landed in Dusseldorf and you have a few hours to kill before your next flight or your next meeting. In only four hours you can see almost all that this beautiful river city has to offer and make plans to do the things you haven’t had time to do for the next time you’re here.

Take a taxi or bus to the city centre’s old town or “Altstadt” - Walk around here and you will find many of the cities historical buildings and landmarks such as the Burgturm (Castle Tower) right in the heart of the Altstadt, known as the ‘longest bar in the world’.  A Taxi from DUS costs between 18 and 25 Euros.

Walk the promenade down to the 240.5 meters high Rheinturm - This beautiful walk along the river combines both panoramic views with cafe culture ‘alfresco style’.  You need only walk a short distance along the paths to arrive at the city’s tallest landmark, the Rheinturm or TV Tower as it is known to the local expat community. Take the elevator from midday onwards and have lunch or dinner in the Top180 restaurant or even just a coffee or cocktail at the bar and enjoy the revolving 360 degree view.  Or simply get off at the observation deck, which is open from 10:00 til 23:30 every day.  The dotted lights on the outside of the tower are a clock – but can you tell what time it is?

Gehry buildings “Neuer Zollhof” in the Medianhafen - These three buildings are one of Dusseldorf’s most well known landmarks. Materials like plywood, corrugated iron, and corrugated board were used in the construction from 1996 to 1999. Characteristic of Gehry’s style are angled flats, canting rooms, reciprocal forms and broken geometry. The old river trade port, the former ugly duckling in Dusseldorf, has been transformed into a splendid architectural masterpiece known as the Medienhafen, “Media Harbour”, and is home to the NRW Parliament building.  Here you will find many of the cities gastronomic restaurants.

Konigsallee or King’s Alley - For those who like to shop in style, this beautiful boulevard is home to the likes of Prada and Gucci and blended into the vast array of fashion destinations is the cafe culture that Dusseldorf is famous for.  Running through the heart of this fashion mile renamed to please the King in the 1800’s who was dissatisfied with the city after having horse dung thrown at him by a demonstrator. 

Dusseldorf Taxi


Taxis abound. Most of the drivers of the eighteen hundred beige vehicles excell in their professionalism, knowledge, politeness and friendliness. As in other cities, all nationalities are to be found behind the wheel...


The Rhein Promenade - For strolling and daydreaming.

The world is full of them; legendary promenades where life vibrates, where bohemians and business folk meet each other while shopping or strolling, simply places to be...

The Rhine Tower - View the city, tell the time.

In Dusseldorf superlatives abound; fast cars, executive companies, finest brands. But the Rhine Tower, Rheinturm simply towers above everything...

Gehry Buildings

Frank O Gehry, born in Toronto in 1929, is the leading exponent of deconstructivism. He studied at the University of Southern California and at the Yale Graduate School of Design architecture and city planning. Famous chef d’oeuvres of Gehry...

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