Foods and Beverages

Düsseldorf has many independent retailers that offer both regional and exotic gastronomic delights that are not easily found elsewhere. Besides ethnic variety, the range of supermarkets on offer stretch from the local and community variety to hypermarkets that almost reach international standard.

We are especially fortunate, due to our large Asian community, to have oriental grocery stores that are second to none. A trip to the Immermannstrasse area and a venture into the enchantingly colourful Japansese and Korean stores leaves no room for disappointment. 



If there’s anything nicer to do in Düsseldorf than dining out, it’s got to be dining in, especially if you forgo the cramped, barcoded world of the German supermarket and head instead for one of the city’s outdoor markets...


Bread; part of the staple diet of many nations dotted around the planet and certainly most popular on German tables, whatever the occasion. Each and every part of town is dotted with bakers of all types and the variety of bread is enormous everywhere...

A specialised organic grocery store in Oberblik.

Ökologische Marktwirtschaft

The Ökologische Marktwirtschaft tucked away in the Heerstrasse in Oberbilk is a unique spot in the city that combines an environmentally friendly store; a dining room and meeting place. A full range of whole, organic and macrobiotic...