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Dusseldorf may lack the sporting clout of Munich, say, or Dortmund, but the city nevertheless boasts its own soccer team, Fortuna Dusseldorf. At pesent at the top of the second league, they draw substantial crowds.

Matches take place in the impressive Esprit Arena, the city’s modern stadium, which seats over 50,000 spectators.

Arguably, Dusseldorf is just as well known for its ice hockey team, the DEG Metro Stars, whose sparkler-wielding fans make every match a memorable event. The city also hosts an important tennis tournament, the world team cup and an annual Düsseldorf Marathon, normally in May.



Soccer - Fortuna Düseldorf

NRW affords a wide range of occasions to  enjoy the atmosphere of a greater club’s top-class game. At present seven clubs in the area play in the first German soccer league, Erste Bundesliga and soccer is of greatest...


Tennis World Team Cup - 16 to 22 May 2010

During the nineteenth century tennis was primarily the sport of the upper class. Today tennis is one of the most popular sports in Europe, comparable with soccer or gymnastics. There are more than 10,000 tennis clubs in Germany...


Giants need space. And that’s what they find in Dusseldorf. This is a huge sports experience. Dusseldorf’s Basketball team, the Giants, moved from Leverkusen up the Rhine to NRW’s state capital in Summer 2008...


If you hear the word “baseball” in Germany you might find this a little strange. In fact there are now some 30 000 people actively playing baseball or softball. The top teams play in the Bundesliga which is separated into the north...

DEG Metro Stars

Ice Hockey - DEG Metro Stars

The coolest sport on earth also has its representatives in the capital of NRW: the DEG METRO Stars. And they are really stars on the ice, ranking on the top levels in the national Ice Hockey league the DEG METRO...

Galopprennbahn Dusseldorf

Horse Racing - March to October 2011

Possibly the most stunning racecourse in Germany, a day at the races here is an extremely relaxing day out. The views of the surrounding woods, atmosphere and tension of the races are quite an experience...


Ski Cross Country World Cup - Planned December 2013

Indeed, the weather in the lower Rhine region and snow fall are not comparable with Bavaria, Austria or Switzerland. Considering the fact that the temperature does not fall below zero degree, it is even more intriguing...

Galopprennbahn Dusseldorf