Goethe Museum.

Goethe Museum

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Schloß Jägerhof is situated in the North-Central area of Dusseldorf. The former Prussian residence houses the Goethe Museum.

Anton Kippenberg, the famous director of the Insel publishing house, collected Goethe's works over a period of fifty years. His emphasis was on eminent letters, poetic writings and music of this author. After his and his wife's death this collection was transformed into an independent foundation that has the agenda to select exhibits which are eminent for Goethe and his life.

You can find coins, medallions or paintings of statesmen, pundits and artists. Furthermore exhibits and paintings of places and regions where Goethe has been, such as letters, first editions and portraits to demonstrate his thinking. These pieces of Goethe's achievement are arranged chronologically in each of the rooms that have descriptive names like hall of the youth, Werther´s and Weimar's hall or Faust's hall. This system creates an easy way through the periods of Goethe's life and art.

The entire museum possesses 35.000 objects but only 1.000 exhibits are shown in the eleven rooms of the museum. Also there is a scientific reference library with 21.000 books and music of Goethe and his friends, which is accessible for everyone to work with. And if you are interested in an object in the stockroom you have the option to have a look at it in consultation with the museum personal.


Goethe-Museum Anton-und-Katharina Kippenberg-Stiftung
Schloss Jägerhof
Jacobistraße 2 (Pempelfort)
40211 Düsseldorf

phone: 0211 899 6262

Hours of Opening


Tue – Fri, Sun: 11 am - 5 pm
Sat: 1 pm - 5 pm
Mon: closed


Tue - Fri: 10 am - 12 pm,  2 pm - 4 pm
(open by appointment)



adults: 3 €
pupils/students: 1.50 €



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