Filmgalerie Düsseldorf.

Filmgalerie Düsseldorf

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Author: Caroline West
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The Filmgalerie in Düsseldorf Bilk is a true goldmine for movie buffs and anyone who is tired of the poor selection of titles in most of the high street dvd rental shops.

Housing one of the fifth largest collections of films in Germany you can find an inspiring collection of every film genre here – classics, documentaries, musicals, blockbusters, B-movies, children’s films, art house movies, exotic foreign language films – just everything!

You can check online to see if they have the movie that you wish for under Filmdatenbank from the link below. As a member you can also reserve a movie online.

Located next to the independent cinema Metropol they are also able to offer a special service from the Filmgalerie Berlin. If you require a movie that is not available in Düsseldorf, but that can be found in the most comprehensive selection in Germany in Berlin, it is possible to order this from the Dusseldorf team. This costs just  €6.40 and you can keep the movie for four days. Send the Düsseldorf Filmgalerie an email with your request.

Membership to the Filmgalerie Düsseldorf is just €3.00 per year.

Apart from the regular rental prices you can purchase a saver card for €26.00 with which you can rent 10 movies.

There is also a Filmgalerie in Mönchengladbach - details are on the link below.

Filmgalerie Düsseldorf
Brunnenstraße 30
40223 Düsseldorf
Tel. 0211-9174910

Opening times:
Mon - Sat: 12 pm - 11 pm
Link: Filmgalerie Düsseldorf…