International Clubs.

Dusseldorf’s club life for expats is lively and varied. Many clubs provide the opportunity to network and socialize with people who may face the similar situations whilst being in a new city and a foreign country.

The clubs organize group activities such as monthly dinners, cultural events or charity work and are a forum to discuss political and social issues.

Creating a sense of community, clubs can help you settle in and make new contacts both professional and social.

American Women's Club

American Women's Club.

Like to get in contact with American or English speaking women? One possibility to meet is the American Women's Club. The ladies of the Hospitality Committee may be one's first contact within the Club. They welcome...

British Women's Club

British Women's Club.

Welcome to Dusseldorf and to the British Women's Club, BWC. The BWC offers many activities that help you to settle in and make new friends. Founded in 1946 the club has grown to 150 members. Women from all ages and...

Japanese Club of Düsseldorf

Japanese Club of Düsseldorf.

With about 6,500 people the Japanese community in Dusseldorf and its surroundings is the 2nd-biggest in Europe. About 5000 Japanese are members in the Japanese Club proving its popularity. In 1964 it was registered in the...

British Businessmen's Club

British Business Club

The British Business Club was established 50 years ago. Formally known as the British Businessmen's Club, it is the forum for businessmen and women of all nationalities. Social and sporting contacts in NRW are arranged in this exclusive...

Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft

Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

The German-British Society, Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, was founded in 1949 and is a politically independent organisation. The club promotes nationwide German-British relationships in public and cultural life...

English Speakers' Circle.

Most people in Germany are able to communicate in English, but many of them do not have the chance to practise their English very often. The English Speakers’ Circle provides a connection point between Germans who are interested...

International Library

International Library.

The library's shelves house almost 20,000 books written in English, including fiction, short stories, biographies, detective stories and world-acclaimed literature. They also include non-fiction, history, philosophy, literary criticism...

Association of American-German Business Clubs e.V.

Association of American-German Business Clubs e.V.

The American-German Business Club was founded in 1964 in Bonn by a group of American business men. The club is a private non-profit, international organization. Its activities are designed to strengthen the ties between representatives...

The Business Network Germany

The Business Network Germany.

Founded in 1995, The Business Network Germany is an English language forum for business men and women, which promotes business connections and contacts in the region and links the international business community with...

Clubs serving other Languages

Clubs serving other Languages.

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