Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Düsseldorf.


Image: JIHK
Author: Philipp Schiwek

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Founded in 1966, the JIHK is an independent trade association that aims to encourage economic relations between German and Japanese enterprises. Furthermore it takes an active position in improving the advantages of the location for Japanese companies in NRW and entire Germany.

The main tasks of the JIHK are the basic supply of Japanese language information and services and a contribution to the economic and amicable relation between Japan and Germany. In 2007 the association has 547 members, whereas 286 are local branches of Japan based firms. The other 261 members consist of Japanese firms outside NRW, mainly in the greater areas of Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, and German enterprises.


Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Düsseldorf
Immermannstr. 45 C
40210 Düsseldorf

Phone: 0211 630 760
Fax: 2011 360 182

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