Aachener Platz

Aachener Platz

Author: Laura Schwarz
Photo: Aachener Platz
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One of the largest and most famous flea markets and car boots in Germany can be found on Aachener Platz. It takes place every Saturday morning until mid-afternoon. The flea market Aachener Platz is located close to the city centre of Düsseldorf in the borough of Bilk.

The centre of attraction is a tent of 1,500 m², which is permanently erected on the market grounds. In winter the tent is heated and in summer the tent walls are pulled up to aid ventilation. Outside the tent fixed stands are available to rent. The stands feature tables, a roof and a back wall made of yellow and white striped fabric.

A popular meeting point is the Café Sperrmüll, where live bands often perform right next to the Cappuccino Bar. From 7am on food and drinks, from still water to sparkling wine or homemade hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, cakes and biscuits are served.

The free Shuttle buses no 892 and 893 service the Aachener Platz Market from the Sudfriedhof and Sudpark car parks.

Trödelmarkt Aachener Platz
Ulenbergstr. 10
40223 Düsseldorf-Bilk 

Hours of Opening:
Saturdays from 9 am to 4 pm 

Phone: 0211 154 548

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