Thousands of foreign executives live in the region. Early adopters, fast moving and accompanied by their families, they have no time to waste. Competion for flexible professionals is increasing. Fascinating locations around the world attract, as do your competitors.

Tens of thousands of foreign employees live in the region and we offer them a service to save time and improve their lives. AmazingDusseldorf is an ideal billboard to post your messages.

People Edge

Tax Consultants - Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss

Working as an expatriate abroad is of course a highly interesting personal experience. Getting to know the local foreign culture is part of the package, whether halfway around the globe or in a neighbouring European Union country. And yet, a possible...

People Edge

Leadership Coach - Véronique Beltz

The argument for personal development of corporate individuals has been well documented and the resulting benefits to careers proven. Whilst many business professionals regularly exert themselves in pysical training, the advantages of investing...

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

Hi, my name is Thekla Tillmann and I have made a name for myself as the first professional personal shopper in the city of Düsseldorf, the fashion capital of Germany. I have been working in the fashion industry for over twenty years and know the business...


IIK Düsseldorf

IIK's mission is best defined as "understanding the world". Since 1989, when the IIK was established as a non-profit company by the German Linguistics department of Heinrich- Heine- University, it has become one of Germany's most successful...

German Language

Goethe Institut

The Goethe-Institut operates 134 institutes in 82 countries, offering language, cultural and information services focussed on the respective locations. For 25 years the Institute in Düsseldorf ranks among the most recognised and...

Filmgalerie Düsseldorf

Filmgalerie Düsseldorf.

The Filmgalerie in Düsseldorf Bilk is a true goldmine for movie buffs and anyone who is tired of the poor selection of titles in most of the high street dvd rental shops. Housing one of the fifth largest collections of films in Germany...


Haushüter - Housesitting Service

Haushüter® have been in the housesitting business for 22 years. The quality service offered to you by Haushüter offers a comprehensive package that gives you peace of mind when you leave your home. Be it for a short trip or a long holiday...

Pearl Couture

Pearl Couture.

Sparkling passion and sweet temptations; Pearl COUTURE offers finest premium products made in Germany. Their high quality sparkling wines and truffle chocolates are made for sophisticated palates. Sebastiano Coco, an expert in the...