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Christmas Market

Expats Welcome Day 2014 - September 19 2014

A place where expats can discover the city’s many offerings in the realms of financial, legal and insurance counseling, medical services, language instruction and schools, education, art, culture, leisure and networking...

Things To Do

More Cinemas

Movies and films in OV and OMU in Düsseldorf

Discover which films are showing in English and other languages in OV and OMU in Düsseldorf. Amazing Dusseldorf is online in the new format with information on movies updated weekly...

K20 Kunstsammlung NRW

K20 Grabbeplatz - Kunstsammlung NRW

The stunning collection of 20th century art was started in 1960 when 88 works by Paul Klee were acquired. They form the basic core of the Foundation Collection North Rhine-Westphalia, Stiftung Sammlung Nordrhehin-Westfalen...

KIT - Kunst im Tunnel

KIT - Kunst im Tunnel

New, innovative and extremely trendy, the KIT - Art in the Tunnel, KIT - Kunst im Tunnel, on the shores of the Rhine is in the free space left by the construction of the shore tunnel tube which is 888 m² in volume and 140 metres long...

Expat Life

ISD International School of Dusseldorf

ISD International School of Dusseldorf.

Established in 1968 the ISD International School of Dusseldorf aims to serve internationally- and interculturally-minded students and families from the Dusseldorf area and its surroundings. It provides a very good programme...

Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft

Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

The German-British Society, Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft, was founded in 1949 and is a politically independent organisation. The club promotes nationwide German-British relationships in public and cultural life...

American Women's Club

American Women's Club.

Like to get in contact with American or English speaking women? One possibility to meet is the American Women's Club. The ladies of the Hospitality Committee may be one's first contact within the Club. They welcome...

British Women's Club

British Women's Club.

Welcome to Dusseldorf and to the British Women's Club, BWC. The BWC offers many activities that help you to settle in and make new friends. Founded in 1946 the club has grown to 150 members. Women from all ages and...

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New Format

Amazing Dusseldorf - New format now online

The new Amazing Capitals format is even more streamlined to enable readers a speedier search for what they are looking for. Reduced to three main zones, the site offers Expat Life, Things To Do and The Location. First articles online now...

Germany's Great

Germany's Great - And often very surprising

Receive an early insight into the first of a series of exciting projects in the new format. Germany's Great is telling the world about all that is wonderful, quirky or enjoyable about Germany and the Germans. Progressing slowly, this project will help support Village Green...

Village Green

Village Green - A Children's Creative Centre

This project will bring orphans from across Europe together for creative vacations in a special place. The non-profit organisation will be active in several countries. The new website is now online and fundraising has commenced...

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